May 31, 2012

IF: Faded

Both Fuzzmo and Biggles faded off into a deep, deep sleep. They were exhausted after a busy day of endless adventures. 

Finally after a long stretch off being away I was able to submit some artwork for Illustration Friday's topic this week "faded".

May 14, 2012

Back to the drawing board!

Well I have been missing in action recently due to an extensive physio rehab program I was able to participate in to get more mobility with my left leg which has given me problems these past couple of years, so it's been a number of weeks since I posted or drew anything but am back home and trying to get inspired once again. So this week I am going to look at what the Illustration Friday topic and tap into that creative energy once and for all. Plus surf through all the wonderful illustrations on here that I've missed in the last month and a half!

See you all around, cheers Susan :D