January 28, 2013

More bear book illustrations

Copyright © 2013

So have been working in the last two weeks on more illustrations for the Bears of Biggleton book, never ending process of adding details, shading areas, creating more depth, new ideas..so much fun I would draw in my sleep if I could :)

January 17, 2013

From Bears of Biggleton Fuzzmo The-Magnificent book

So here are a few illustrations I have been working on for the latest book The Bears of Biggleton....Still need more work but this is what I have done so far!

Copyright 2013 Susan Clement-Beveridge

January 9, 2013


So the new year has me working on a new project full steam ahead ...have been trying out concepts for these new illustrations for The Bears of Biggleton - Fuzzmo The Magnificent book although they are not completed yet and still need more work, this first book is due to come out later this year! Only 15 images to go and counting.