November 26, 2012

November 24, 2012


Announcing the new release of my children's picture book now available on Amazon & Kindle!
An insightful children's picture book that explores the idea of a special & wonderful light each child possesses and shares with others. The book is written in a generalized way as to not be discriminate. Written in the first person and meant for all children regardless of religion, colour, gender or sexual orientation. A message that says all children have a special light within themselves.  

Happy Reading!

Also available now on my  online book store at the Biggleton Books website!


November 23, 2012

Will Terry's New Video

If you haven't checked Will Terry's Blog out yet... I strongly suggest you do. This amazing award winning artist has a NEW video up recently and it's always worth having a look!!

IF Topic "Whiskers"

My cat Phelix had plenty of white whiskers

November 5, 2012

New cover design

Working on a new cover design for a project I am hoping to finish this in the new year...well one can hope anyways :)