October 31, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I would like to thank The Back Door Artist, the wonderfully creative Mary Livingston for nominating my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  It has been inspiring and a pleasure to know Mary Livingston through my art group critiques and connect through our blogs and social networking. Mary is one talented artist and I have come to learn so much from her as an artist.

7 facts about myself:
My husband is my biggest supporter and he is the most loving and inspirational partner I could ever have!
We have a wonderful, creative & artistically talented son who lives in Toronto.
I am a writer and freelance Illustrator at home.
I love to paint with acrylic, illustrate while listening to music
Love working in my garden,
Love dining out or cooking at home, entertaining with our amazing friends
Go for long walks or drives 
I would like to nominate and thank the following artists & bloggers who have inspired and influenced me to tap in to my creative side encouraged me in  pursuing my art! Thank you!

Helga Harrumphs
Matt Clement - Clement Art
How to be a Cildren's Book Illustrator - Mark Mitchell
Will Terry
Folio Academy
Back Door Artist
Artistic Expressions by Felicia Lilley
Mary Flynn
Lisa Thompson
Elaine Comeau
Ian Jeans
James A. Brummel
Illustration Junky
Karl Schutt

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